Collect all the information about your farm in just one place, analyze it, take a better decision and build better future.


Track the real-time data as our system sends ambient temperature, humidity, water, and soil fertilizer.


Smartfarm system is IoT-enabled- you’ll pick up the information on your smartphone and PC


The Node and Master Sensors scan boundary of farm and allow seamless data collection from your farm.

Driven by statistics, hosted in the cloud and managed by intelligent models, it is developed for easy real time. Access anywhere-anytime


Fresh Insights

with Daily Update

Smartfarm provides regular information about your farm. A farmer can track day to day performance of all fields through daily updates

Ditch the headache of dealing with laborious records

Smartfarm makes it easy to review and digitally log all of your farm activities. Your farm activities will be secure, organized and accessible from any smart device and computer

Monitor the growth of your crops with ease

Easily monitor the growth of your crops, and understand how weather and pests are affecting them in real time

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